Two persons life

Two persons life

i live a two person life

wrist is mine and wristband is given

head is mine, haircut is given

flesh is mine, burnt is given

blood is mine, caffein is not


i live a two persons life in one,

walks around with a shadow of two

sleep with the colours of two


life, i live two in one

look closely


into the mirror

one persons with two spirits

i live a life but two

technically is one

but it is two


same light from the sun  

but turn into moon

and the decorations of other suns


i live a life

but two.


(note: and it is going to be three)



And so you say

So you say
The bitter bits of smooth skins
The sweetness of the broad chest

The world isn’t design for the existence of us
But we don’t give the world any

Fuck them’al
We are the world

And so you say
We don’t need paper notes
No fancy glassy grand big window
Need not suit, no tie

All we need is love

And so you say
Atmosphere is everything
We design our world
The bitter bit smoothing skin
The sweetness of broad chest

The world is not design for us
And so you say

we don’t give

Who are we?

Placing both of my hands
on both of my shoulders

So I say,
I don’t give
a damn.

Your angel

You ask me
Where are you heading ?
I smiled with sorrow
Sorrow which is invisible

I answer
To Somewhere.
Somewhere.. nearer to the cloud

That i can be your angel
                           stay with you
                be your guardian
          your warden
                your defender
            your watcher
For… ever

I whisper

leaving empty

Take away, take away the goods, from that room

Take away the numbers, from the watch

Spinning, Spiral away 

Hybrid of Vertical and Horizontal 

Pull string, take away 


Take away the building, Vacuum liked 

oozing out, 

the falling of Your hair resting on the floor



Take away, so-called spiritual and non-spiritual 

Crystal bright reflection liquid flowing down 

That filled by all the unnecessary works and studies 


No one give a damn.